Promoting and selling of retail goods, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Whatever your product or produce

“Our Mission Statement: To help retailers promote their goods 24 hours a day to cater for the modern "robotic" world while allowing their staff to be more proactive in other parts of their business” – Rebecca Rivers-Scott, Co Owner and Founder of Farm Pantry

Don’t take our word for it, try our simple calculator to see the benefits yourself!

  1. Farm Shops
    • Fresh produce
  2. Village Shops
    • Daily essentials
    • Gas bottles
  3. Petrol Stations
    • Enable the chance to “upsell” to the retail customer;
      • Spare fuel can with fuel (petrol or diesel)
      • Adblue refill
  4. Super Markets
    • Enable the chance to “upsell” to the retail customer;
      • Breakfast Pack; Sausage, eggs, bacon, hash brown, beans etc
      • Sunday Roast Pack; Chicken, potatoes, veg, gravy etc
  5. Large office blocks or factories
    • Breakfast and lunch
    • Spare tooling in factories (Not food related!)
  6. Universities or Schools
    • Snacks and drinks
  7. County shows and events
    • Sandwiches and rolls
  8. Butchery
    • BBQ packs
  9. Ice cream parlours
    • Fresh scoop ice cream and snacks
  10. Urban catering companies
    • Offering refreshments in railway stations, airports etc
  11. Hotels
    • Offer those “must have” essentials

  12. Pay with:
    • Cash/Notes
    • Coins
    • Contactless (can connect to internet or via 3G sim card)
    • Prepaid Tokens/key ring

  13. Flexible Temperatures:
    • Choose from 3 options:
      • Ambient temperature
      • Chiller
      • Frozen

  14. Telematics and Connections:
    • Connection to operator to update on sales status
    • Click and collect availability (using access code)
    • Loyalty points compatible